Be in control of your expenses.
No pressure. Cancel anytime.

Be in control of your expenses. No pressure. Cancel anytime.

30-day free trial

Feel free to try AccelaSearch unlocking every feature for 30 days to decide if it’s the right fit

Managing made easy

Always being in control of your expenses and manage your search engine like never before

Consumption based

Our is a metered billing pricing model in which you pay only based on the level of usage

Monthly charges
Based on Products
Based on Requests

Based on Products (SKU)

Just pay our search engine for the number of products you have (SKUs) and the queries your user make every month (Requests)

The maximum monthly number of products on your eCommerce website

Number of SKUs
Tier 1
0 - 100
Tier 2
101 - 150
2,99 €
Tier 3
151 - 300
4,99 €
Tier 4
301 - 600
8,99 €
Tier 5
601 - 2000
15,99 €
Tier 6
2001 - 10K
29,99 €
Tier 7
10.001 - 50K
59,99 €
Tier 8
50.001 - 100K
119,99 €
Tier 9
100.001 - 500K
239,99 €
Tier 10
500.001 - 1M
479,99 €
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Based on Monthly Requests (Queries)

The amount of records made by your users every month

Price (every 1000 Requests)
0 - 1K
1.001 - 100K
0,69 €
100.001 - 200K
0,59 €
200.001 - 500K
0,49 €
500.001 - 2M
0,39 €
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Frequently Asked Questions from our active users

How much I will spend in total?

AccelaSearch's monthly cost is based on the number of Products (SKUs) and the number of Requests (Queries).
For example, if you have 600 - 2K Products and you have made 10K Requests during the month, you will pay according to the Tier 5 ($ 15.99) that is related to Products, and to 9K of Requests, since the first 1000 will be free ($ 0.07 x 9 ).

I’ve got an eCommerce quite busy, I will always spend the same amount?

No, AccelaSearch costs depend on the number of Products (SKUs) and the number of Requests (Queries).

I use to add and remove products quite often, will I pay more for that?

The maximum number of Products (SKUs) added in the current month will be taken as a reference to position you in the right Tier.

There is a maximum amount of Requests?

Nope, your users will always be able to perform Queries on AccelaSearch, which will be billed at the end of each month.

Are my data secure?

We have designed a highly secure and reliable infrastructure, and we guarantee that your data will never be shared with anyone.

There is any Partner program?

The network of our Partners is essential

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