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Search-based payment

AccelaSearch allows the customer to keep his expenses under control, being able to cancel the service at any time. Through a free trial of 30 days, the customer will be able to evaluate if AccelaSearch meets his needs by accessing all the features offered by the service.

Within the 30-day trial, the service must be activated by entering the billing data in the Console and activating the payment system by automatic debit. Otherwise, the service will be deactivated when the free trial expires. In case of payment is not received within the 30th day, there could be a temporary block of the service.
The customer will be billed monthly based on the searches performed.

A search is a text string typed into the search engine bar to obtain results. In relation to the consumption of the AccelaSearch engine, we refer to the number of words searched per month through the AccelaSearch Search Layer.