Empower your Search Engine

Accellerate your eCommerce’s experience without knowing a single line of code

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We use AI to show relevant search results like never before

Giving your users the ability to find what they are looking for in a much easier way means increasing your products' value through faster and more relevant searches and results.

Collect valuable insights from your users every day

Understand your users' behavior: know their most searched and clicked products in a chosen timeframe. Learn more about your products and get all the information you were missing.


Build visual-forward experiences without code

No code revolution is going places, and customizing your tools is more important than ever. AccelaSearch allows you to customize your search engine as you wish without relying on developers.


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Ultra-fast Engine

Discover the core of all the capabilities of site and semantic search

Typo tolerant

Manage synonyms

Query suggestions

Product boosting

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Custom Layouts

Choose between multiple layouts to display through a seamless experience

Full-screen layout

Half-screen layout

Windowed layout

Layout device-based

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Display trending products, categories and links before your users search

Show best categories

Show best products

Advanced recommendations

Flexible elements

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B2B Search

Any eCommerce search should be powerful, no difference for B2Bs

SKU Search

Group Price

Tier Price

Geo Search

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Advanced Search

Let your users search products through high performance and modern search

Product Variants


Voice Search

Barcode Search

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AccelaSearch API

APIs for all our plans so you can create your own implementation

Unlimited API

Indexing API

Search API

Analytics API

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Icebreaker Tile

Help users to pre-filter their results right after a search query

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High Frequency Sync

Simultaneous synchronization while editing your products

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Promotions & Ads

Place banners in different ways, from the first interaction to product cards

The powerful search engine built for growing companies

Place banners in different ways, from the first interaction to product cards