We allow eCommerce businesses granular control over their products' discoverability, product priority, and customization without relying on developers.

Search is the most interactive part of user behavior, that's why we can track accurate insights that help identify risks and opportunities tied to a specific eCommerce business.

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We are AccelaSearch

Faster Search. Quicker Conversions.

AccelaSearch is a hosted search engine, offering full-text and faceted search, capable of delivering real-time results from the first keystroke.

We put users at heart through a Site and Semantic search to help them access the right content and find what product suits them best. To be seamless, our product’s overall experience has first met our clients’ business goals via a flexible, intuitive, and codless interface. Customizing your search engine has never been so simple because helping you grow is our final objective.

Built with empathy

We think that there’s nothing more mesurable than try another human being shoes. Everything we design and develop is done with care because we take time to understand how others feel and how they might see the world. Solving problems and craft better products is what fills our time.

Our Values

Embrace innovation

We’re built on the foundation of strong and perpetual innovation. We stand by our values, we don’t conform, we don’t want to just provide a good experience: we teach, we share, we listen, we improve everyday to aim for the best.

Empower people

Our product is built to go into the hands of everyday people: we try to give our influence to them so their business will evolve along with their organizational growth. We love making people happier and more successful.

Design constraints are clues

Limits are just meant for drawing borders, not for thoughts and imagination. We thinks that the limits we choose to define, are one essential aspect of good quality and accurate understanding of user behavior.

Enjoy the journey

We care about efficient work, that’s why everyday we make sure that our clients and our team feels appreciated and valued. We celebrate wins and learn from mistakes, doesn’t matter what tomorrow holds: our steps are forward.

Less is more

Even if we deliver many customizations and features, we think that simplicity is often a better approach. This leads us to a smarter way of work, reducing time and effort, while gaining high results without lowering the quality bar.

Search to find

We don’t provide an ultra-fast search tool to merely display products, we’re not a shelf: we empower search experiences so users can satisfy their demands and businesses can obtain precious data to improve their growth.